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      Child Development

      This course is designed for learners aged 14–16 who have an interest in children’s learning and development and wish to develop the skills and learn the theory that can prepare them for further study and employment within the childcare sector. It will particularly appeal to learners who are looking for a course that is practical in nature.

      Year 10 and 11


      Technical Award in Children’s Learning and Development

      Exam Board/Syllabus

      AQA, Syllabus (Draft 3175)

      Grade Equivalences

      Level 1 Pass to Level 2 Distinction *

      Assessment Route

      2 controlled assessments (50%)

      1 written paper, 1 hr 15 mins (50%)

      • Unit 1: Research task

      Learners will carry out an in-depth research study on a topic of their choosing. Using their research findings, learners will then carry out a practical activity such as designing an exercise routine for a child or producing an information booklet for a pregnant woman.

      • Unit 2: Child Study

      Learners will work with a child aged up to 10 years over a period of 4–6 months.

      • Unit 3: Fundamentals of Children’s learning and development (externally assessed)

      Learners will study the fundamentals of children’s learning and development and acquire the underpinning knowledge required to carry out the two practical units. This knowledge will be relevant when considering future career choices and further study options. This unit covers; factors that influence development pre-conception and during pregnancy, growth and development, communication and language development, learning and play, education provision, child health and safety and the role of professionals and voluntary organisations.

      IMPORTANT:  The Year 11 controlled assessment takes the form of a Child Study and it is, therefore, necessary for all students who wish to take this course to have access to a child under 5 years of age that they can visit and observe over a period of time. The other element of the controlled assessment takes place in Year 10 and consists of one shorter research task.