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      Governing Body

      The Governing Body currently consists of the following members:-

        Governor Category Governor responsibility Date Appointed Term of Office Appointed By
      Mrs Melanie Field Parent   22/11/2016 4 years Parents
      Mr Shawn  Fell Staff Headteacher ex-officio    
      Mr Malcolm Green Parent   22/11/2016 4 years Parents
      Mr Martin Hart Governor   21/11/2012   Governors
      Mr Richard Holland Governor Chair of Governors 01/03/2012   Governors
      Mrs  Niccola Kemp Staff   01/09/2014 4 years Staff
      Mrs Caron Kendall Governor   01/11/2012   Governors
      Mrs Michelle Kenny Parent   22/11/2016 4 years Parents
      Mrs Angela Killeen Parent   22/11/2016 4 years Parents
      Mr Stephen  Killinger Governor Vice Chair of Governors 01/03/2012 Resigned 14/11/2018 Governors
      Mr George Munns Governor   01/03/2012   Governors
      Mr Thomas Nicols Local Authority   01/03/2012  Resigned 9/5/2019 Local Authority
      Mr Paul Rolfe Parent   20/02/2018   Parent
      Miss Oana Schutz Governor   10/05/2018    Governors
      Mrs Karen Stocker Staff   19/04/2016 4 years Staff
      Mrs Janet Theodore Parent   06/10/2015 4 years Parents
      Mrs Georgie Billin Deputy Headteacher       Governors (ex-officio)
      Company Secretary        
      Mrs Moira Boyle  
      Governors Serving In The Last 12 Months
            Governor Category Date Appointed Date of Leaving Business Interests
      Mr  David Sharp Parent 06/10/2015 07/12/2017 None

      The Chair of Governors can be contacted at rholland@harlington.org or in writing c/o the School address

      The Company Secretary can be contacted at mboyle@harlington.org

      Please click here to view the Academy's Register of Business Interests for Governors dated May 2019.

      Please click here to view the attendance record of Governors at board and committee meetings for the academic year 2018-19.

      Minutes of Meetings

      If you would like to see previous minutes of meetings please contact Mrs Boyle, (Company Secretary) at mboyle@harlington.org