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      Parents Information

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      Our Values and Aims:

      Harlington Upper School is a caring community founded on three core principles:

      Respect for All:

      We are committed to understanding and respecting the differences between people

      Know Thyself:

      We recognise the value of reflection and review in promoting a positive sense of identity for individuals as part of the school community

      Quality Through Opportunity:

      We develop individual excellence by providing broad opportunities and holding high expectations for all members of the school community

      Through a balanced educational experience we aim to help and encourage students to:

      1. Develop self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, a sense of personal morality and spiritual understanding;
      2. Understand and respect themselves, others and their environment;
      3. Gain the skills to become lifelong learners, to accept responsibility and make a positive contribution to society;
      4. Hold high expectations for themselves and others in all aspects of school life;
      5. Reach the highest possible levels of achievement in a calm, safe, ordered and happy environment.