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      Year 10

      Head of Year  


      I joined Harlington in September 2016 as House Leader for Midas, after being Assistant Head of Year 11 at Manshead Secondary School, and I am also a teacher of Maths. I became the Head of Year 10 students in May 2017. As Head of Year, I am responsible for 300 students, their pastoral well-being and their academic achievement. I encourage all Year 10 students to get involved in extra-curricular activities as well as focussing in their lessons and achieving the very best they can – we can’t ask more than that!

      It is an absolute honour to work in such a welcoming school and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

      Mrs H Lloyd

      Form Tutors    
      10Ap1   Mrs M Elmes
      10Ap2   Mrs E Stafford-Key; Mr M Thomas
      10Eu1   Mr J Hutchins
      10Eu2   Ms L Ruiz Garcia
      10He1   Mrs R Karbasheva
      10He2   Mr I Yusuf
      10Mi1   Miss N Schmid
      10Mi2   Miss E Cooney
      10Pe1   Mr R Makaza
      10Pe2   Miss N Gibbs
      10Th1   Mr B D Clarke
      10Th2   Mrs L Hymus
      Year Support Worker   Miss G Hamilton
      Senior Teacher Link   Mr T Southall, Mrs A Cooper