Creating Ambitious Students

We believe strongly that there should be no limit to what students can achieve, regardless of their background or any barriers that they may face. Being ambitious helps students achieve exceptional progress. Whether it be to university, employment, or training, it is our belief that if a student is guided and inspired to be ambitious throughout their five years at Harlington, then they will achieve their potential.

Creating Altruistic Individuals

Harlington students are part of a thoughtful, warm, and welcoming school and are taught to understand the importance of their role within our community. Our students are expected to contribute to the school positively and constructively; they are taught to understand the ways in which their conduct influences and shapes the experiences of those around them and so they act with generosity and in the spirit of collaboration.

Creating Accountable Leaders

We believe being accountable encourages self-awareness and honesty and that this quality is central to success at Harlington. Our students are helped to consider and understand the consequences of their words, actions, and conduct, and learn from their experiences. When students are accountable, they are more conscious of the connection between their actions and outcomes.


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Conall Islip – Deputy Head Student – Prefects

Currently I study A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, along with an Extended Project Qualification. I am responsible for the running of the school council. This means that I am going to be organising discussions and meetings with students and staff to ensure that the views of all at Harlington are represented – students must be central to the choices made at Harlington. Before my time at Harlington comes to an end my aim is to increase the level of student involvement at Harlington and for students to be involved in as many decision making processes that we can.

Michelle Danga- Head Student

I study A level Chemistry, Biology and Geography. As Head Student a large part of my role is organising the rest of the Student Leadership Team, helping delegate certain tasks such as doing boards in the Common Room and other Sixth Form areas, to leading the different committees. Before the end of the school year, I would definitely like to see an increase of intermingling between year groups. We are starting to see that happen with things like Black History Month and prefects, but I would like to get a better sense of community here in the school before the end of the year. That is one thing that I would like to make my mark on.

Hannah Ridley – Head Student

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography with hope that with the support and experiences from Harlington, I can study Medicine at University. During my time here at Harlington Upper School I have been rewarded with an excellent education, where an ambitious drive has been instilled in the Harlington culture. My confidence and creativity have been allowed to flourish as an individual. Harlington teaches you to take the most out of opportunities which is enabled by the large variety to choose from. I have enjoyed participating in drama productions, different councils and even supporting students to create their own societies on areas or issues they are passionate about.

Ella Fountain – Deputy Head Student - Charity

I study A level Maths, French and Art. As the Student Leadership team’s Charity Coordinator I organise everything to do with charities during the year. This includes arranging spontaneous events for the charities we’ve picked as a school; set charity days each year such as Comic Relief and Children in Need; and any other altruistic campaigns the staff and students wish to participate in. We’ve recently done a MacMillan bake sale and have plans to do both a Wax stripping drive and Sponge the teacher for Children in Need, a Christmas jumper day for Save the Children, and a Staff versus Student Winter Olympics for the Gorgeous George go fund me.

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