Creating Ambitious Students

We believe strongly that there should be no limit to what students can achieve, regardless of their background or any barriers that they may face. Being ambitious helps students achieve exceptional progress. Whether it be to university, employment, or training, it is our belief that if a student is guided and inspired to be ambitious throughout their five years at Harlington, then they will achieve their potential.

Creating Altruistic Individuals

Harlington students are part of a thoughtful, warm, and welcoming school and are taught to understand the importance of their role within our community. Our students are expected to contribute to the school positively and constructively; they are taught to understand the ways in which their conduct influences and shapes the experiences of those around them and so they act with generosity and in the spirit of collaboration.

Creating Accountable Leaders

We believe being accountable encourages self-awareness and honesty and that this quality is central to success at Harlington. Our students are helped to consider and understand the consequences of their words, actions, and conduct, and learn from their experiences. When students are accountable, they are more conscious of the connection between their actions and outcomes.


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september, 2023

Ruairi Mackie – Head Student

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, along with working on my Extended Project Qualification – with hope to progress onto studying Neuroscience at university. I view my role as being a key figure in representing the students’ voice and have responsibilities in projecting a public example of Harlington’s altruistic values. My experience of Harlington’s exceptional teachers and support has resulted in the growth of my confidence and the achievement of the role I am grateful for now. My vision for the future of Harlington focuses on inspiring students with ambition and enthusiasm for the subjects that they love by increasing the chances for opportunities, experiences and roles our students can take on. 

Isabella Porzio - Head Student

I am currently studying A-level Maths, Chemistry and Biology, along with an extended project qualification at Harlington, while maintaining a national level in swimming outside school. I have aspirations to go onto Biochemistry then Medicine at university. I have been awarded the responsibility of head student; this includes helping all individuals across the school, and being a role model and a representation of a voice for others. I have been encouraged by my peers and teachers constantly through my years of Harlington which is why I believe everyone should equally be given the opportunities to express their capability’s while being determined to go further. For Harlington’s future I hope to transfer this principal to the people around me.

Erraime Mitchell- Social Harmony and Diversity Lead

I am currently studying English Literature, Religious Studies and Biology with the hope of going on to study English Literature and Philosophy at university. I feel my time at Harlington has been positive and I have genuinely enjoyed my learning, regardless of any challenges faced. I joined the school in 2021 and fully embraced everything the Harlington has to offer as a Sixth Former. I have felt that I can make a real difference in the area I now lead on, aiming to achieve greater cohesion amongst the student body and developing all students understanding that diversity goes far beyond race, as it represents the inclusion of all.

Daisy Gough – Environment Lead

I am studying Chemistry, Biology and Geography in order to achieve my ambition of studying Medicine at university. Harlington Upper School has not only supported my education but allowed me to develop the skills beyond my A Level subjects that I will need in my future career. Sharing ideas in councils and participating in the wide range of activities offered, from sports to drama, built my confidence throughout the years. This has allowed me to take a leadership role in Sixth Form by planning events within the Environment council and drawing on the altruistic nature of Harlington Upper School to support younger students by running the Medical Society.

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