Curriculum Vision Statement

    The Harlington curriculum is unashamedly ambitious for all students. We believe that every child is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that tells the story of ‘the best that has been thought and said’ around the world. We place equal importance on the academic, and personal and social development of our students: we want to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences that life has to offer.


    Our curriculum is designed to develop thinkers: students who can empathise and evaluate, critique and construct and so enter adult life able to achieve their potential and make a positive contribution to society. The taught curriculum encourages respect for all: people, places and the wider environment.


    Our curriculum encourages the accumulation of a breadth and depth of knowledge across subjects, not only for its extrinsic reward, but for its intrinsic value.


    We believe all students are capable of excellence, achieved through hard work, self-discipline and constant curiosity.



    Curriculum Overview

    At Harlington we believe all students have the right to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which provides continuity and progression and also takes individual differences into account.  There are four main aims to the curriculum:

    1. To provide opportunities for all students to learn and achieve their full potential
    2. To promote students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
    3. To prepare all students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life as active members of society
    4. To enable students to progress on to their chosen pathway

    In addition, we aim to help and encourage students to reach their highest level of personal achievement, and specifically to:

    • Develop self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, a sense of personal morality and spiritual understanding
    • Understand and respect themselves, others and their environment
    • Gain skill to become lifelong learners, to accept responsibility and make a positive contribution to society
    • Hold high expectations for themselves and others in all aspects of school life
    • Learn to be adaptable, to solve problems in a variety of situations and to work both independently and as members of a team
    • Develop the ability to makes reasoned judgements and choices, based on investigation, interpretation and evaluation of relevant information
    • Reach the highest possible levels of achievement in a calm, safe, ordered and happy environment

    Harlington offers a wide and rich curriculum to all its students.

    Please see individual curriculum pages for more information

    Current Year 10 Students

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    Current Year 9 Students

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    Sixth Form Curriculum

    For details of the courses we offer at KS5, please go to our 'How to apply' page in the Sixth Form area of this website.