In years 9-11, students will follow a three year course which prepares them for their GCSE Maths exam. Over the course, students will study a variety of topics from the areas of ‘Number’, ‘Algebra’, ‘Geometry and Measures’, ‘Statistics and Probability’ and ‘Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change’. As well as learning methods, there will be an increased focus on real life applications of the topics taught and problem solving.

Under the new specification, students will be assessed over three exams (1 non-calculator and 2 calculator papers) which will take place in May/June of year 11.

Year 9

Topics that will be covered in year 9 include:


  • Basic arithmetic
  • Solving equations
  • Angle properties
  • Averages
  • 2D shapes
  • Decimals
  • Presenting data
  • Indices
  • Symmetry
  • Sequences
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Collection and Organisation of data
  • Approximation and estimation
  • Pythagoras
Year 10 and 11
Course GCSE Mathematics
Exam Board/Syllabus

OCR, Syllabus J560

Selected students also take Edexcel Algebra Award Level 3

Grade Equivalences

9 to 1

2 Tiers of entry: Higher (Grade 9 to 4)

Foundation (Grade 5 to 1)

Hours Taught (per cycle)

8 hours

Assessment Route

100 % Examination, 3 written papers of 1 hr 30 min each (2 calculator, 1 non-calculator). No coursework.

(Algebra Award, one 2 hr exam)


As a core subject all students follow the Mathematics course through to the GCSE examination at Key Stage 4. There is no coursework element to GCSE Mathematics; assessment is entirely based on written papers. This consists of three papers, one non-calculator and two calculator papers. All topics can be assessed on any of the papers. The papers include a large proportion of problem-solving, investigation and everyday maths questions.


The assessments will cover the following content headings:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

There are two tiers of entry; Higher (Grades 9-4) and Foundation (Grades 5-1). Decisions regarding entry will be based on assessments and the advice of the class teacher. All students are expected to provide their own equipment: pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, pair of compasses and protractor.

Teaching groups are set according to ability and prior attainment so that work can be carried out at a level most suited to the individual student. Our aim is for the students to enjoy their studies and to work at an appropriate pace.

As part of our Gifted and Talented provision, students in set 1 will be introduced to some topics beyond GCSE and will sit the Edexcel Algebra Award Level 3. Assessment is a single 2 hour exam which takes place in the January of Year 11.


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