Examination results for 2020

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    2019 KS4 Results as on the DfE Performance tables
      HUS Performance National Performance
    Overall Progress 8 score 0.18 -0.03
    English Progress 8 score 0.04 -0.04
    Maths Progress 8 score 0.82 -0.02
    Attainment 8 score 49 46.7
    Percentage of pupils achieving a grade 4 in English and Maths 75.0% 65.0%
    Percentage of pupils achieving a grade 5 in English and Maths 57% 43.0%
    Percentage of pupils entering for the EBacc 14.0% 40%
    Percentage of pupils achieving the EBacc 12.0% 25%
    97% 94%

    Brief Overview


    Due to the unprecedented nature of last summer’s exams, there are no national comparisons with 2020 data. As our results this year were broadly in line with previous years, the 2019 results continue to offer a helpful national comparison.