When looking for a job there are several ways to achieve this. For example companies may use the internet, professional magazines, and the job centre or recruitment agencies to advertise current vacancies. 
    You could also network effectively to find roles that are of interest to you.

    If you volunteer it may be that you are able to gain key transferable skills that will help you to secure a job in the future.

    Labour Market Information

    Labour Market Information can help you to:

    • Know where jobs are (sectors, occupations and localities)
    • Identify skills that might be required for the future
    • Discover how easy or hard it may be to get into your chosen career (pay levels, job security and local prospects)
    • Identify unrealistic aspirations and likely outcomes
    • Identify training and development required for different roles

    Harlington Upper School are working with SEMLEP (South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership) to facilitate the inspiration and preparation of young people through careers and enterprise activity for the world of work in the South East Midlands. click here to see their booklet ‘What Work South East Midlands 2016/17’.

    For an overview of different job sectors and graduate opportunities from Prospects click here

    For Career Sector Trends from Warwick University click here

    The links below can help you in your search for a job, whether it is a part-time position while you are studying or full-time position post-18 years.

    CV Writing

    Click Here for advice on CV writing, covering letters, job search and interview questions with Alec.co.uk.

    Interview Techniques

    Click Here for tips on answering the most difficult interview questions and steps you can take to ensure your interview goes smoothly.

    Click Here  to see tricky interview questions and how to answer them.

    Click Here to see examples of employability skills employers are looking for and how to show you have them at interview.