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Collecting Exam Results

Results Days Summer 2022

Thursday 18th August 8.00am – 9.30am – Theatre

Thursday 25th August 8.30am –10.00am – Theatre

If you are unable to collect the results in person, a relative or friend may pick them up for you. You must write a letter authorising the person to collect the results on your behalf or complete the Authorisation for Collecting Examination Results form. The person collecting your results must also bring some photographical identification along with them e.g., passport/drivers’ licence
We are not able to convey results verbally or over the phone. Results will be sent electronically to student’s school email accounts at some point during the result day.


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Please email Mrs Goode for information on exams@harlington.org

Certificate Collection

Exam certificates for the summer 2020 season are available for collection from the school reception between 9am – 3.30pm. Certificates for results awarded in 2021 will be made available for students to collect in early December.

If the student is unable to collect the certificates, a nominated person may collect them on their behalf. The nominate person must bring a completed Authorisation for Certificate Collection. The nominated person must provide photographical identification of themselves e.g., passport/drivers’ licence. Identification without a photograph will not be accepted.

If you wish for your certificates to be posted out to you via a tracked method. Please email exams@harlington.org ensuring that you put your surname, forename and certificate collection as the subject of the email. The email must be sent from the student’s own personal email address giving consent for us to post the certificates. A payment for the cost of postage to the amount of £2.60 must be made via ParentPay which can be accessed by clicking here.

Contact details:

Tel No: 01525-751284
Fax No: 01525-755101
Email: exams@harlington.org

The exam office will be open daily from 8am-3.30pm Monday -Thursday and 8am-3.00pm Friday (Hours may vary during examination sessions).
Exams take place throughout the school year, please check the timetables for the relevant year for your exams.


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