Care for Students

    With our clear focus that ‘Every Child Matters’ all staff at Harlington Upper School aim to help young people to enjoy school, achieve their best and remain healthy and safe. We work hard to support students as they become young adults and encourage them to make a positive contribution to our community. We have organised our tutor groups and support services so that each student feels important as an individual, as well as part of the wider school community. 

    The care and support provided for students was recognised as outstanding in our most recent Ofsted inspection and the quality of relationships between staff and students, as well as between students, was remarked upon as being very positive.

    A strong pastoral support team works with a variety of outside agencies to enhance students’ chances of reaching their potential. Whenever a student or their family are struggling to cope with an event in their lives we do our best to provide appropriate care and support. This may involve our own staff working with the student, by asking one of our outside agency links to work with the student or family or by completing a multi agency CAF referral.

    We believe in rewarding students for producing good work and for good effort in any activity. We therefore have a system of Commendations which lead to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards. These are complemented by a range of individual awards, which include Attendance certificates and Achievement Postcards. These awards are held in high esteem by our students and parents.

    As a school, we set the highest standards for work, behaviour and dress and students are expected to show consideration for others at all times. The school aims to make discipline fair, but firm and emphasis is given to respect for others and responsibility for one’s own conduct. If a student’s work or behaviour gives cause for concern we may decide to provide counselling, pastoral support, to place the student on daily report or to detain them after school.

    Special Educational Needs

    Students with special educational needs achieve well at Harlington. Our Special Educational Needs Policy fully meets the requirements of the current Code of Practice and ensures that students with special educational needs are identified and their needs assessed. Provision is made for all identified students to have the fullest possible access to the curriculum by means of in-class support. Further assistance is provided by withdrawal for individual or small group teaching. Parents are fully informed at all stages and progress is regularly reviewed.

    Form Tutors

    Students become part of a tutor group which comprises about 25 students from their year group, led by their Head of Year.

    The form tutor is an important daily point of contact for students and is also the principal contact between school and home. Where possible we place students in tutor groups with a chosen friend from their current school which helps them to settle into Harlington. However, older students also act as mentors, building on a great tradition of peer support at the school.