Why study at Harlington?

    Achievement, enrichment and student well-being are at the forefront of everything we do. You are at a critical point in your education and planning for your future career starts here. That is why we believe that Harlington is an excellent choice for aspiration and achievement.

    The quality of teaching and learning in the sixth form, and the standards of achievement of students studying there, remains strong

    Ofsted, March 2018

    Tom Southall

    Deputy Headteacher for Key Stage 5 Achievement

    E-mail:   Sixth Form Office                

    Ten Reasons why you should choose Harlington Sixth Form…….

    1. Aspiration and Success

    The staff at Harlington are committed to students learning, progression and attainment in all subjects. High expectations, respect and being part of a stimulating and rewarding environment ensure that students develop as individuals and achieve their academic potential. Students will be stretched and challenged to make sure that they leave Harlington with the best possible grades to reach the top Universities, apprenticeships, employment and career path beyond.

    We encourage students to embrace the school moto ‘Know Thyself’ as they experience Sixth Form life.

    2. Courses

    We offer a range of traditional academic A Level qualifications alongside the well regarded vocational Level 3 BTEC courses.

    “There is a really good teacher, pupil relationship” - Eve Wallace

    “Strong arts department” – Genie Jones

    sixth form courses

    3. Support

    Students will be supported beyond the classroom, through a vast network of careers information and guidance, in association with a form tutor and the Sixth Form team. Students will be assisted with their well-being in addition to their academic studies. “I soon settled into Harlington Sixth Form after moving here, the students are all friendly and welcoming and the staff are all very supportive when extra help and guidance is needed.”– Josh McGhee



    4. Enrichment opportunities

    We have a range of activities that students are encouraged to participate in, for example:

    • Sixth Form charities
    • Local residents tea parties
    • Peer mentoring
    • Subject trips and competitions
    • Leadership roles
    • National Citizenship Service
    • Drama productions
    • Music concerts
    • Young Enterprise
    • Sports clubs

    'During my time at Harlington I had the great opportunity to involve myself in the many activities that sixth form has to offer. Whether you like drama, sports, helping people through mentoring, or even being part of a big team that organises events and charity fundraising- I can assure you that there is something for everyone to get involved in!'

    Mickey Carter-Browne

    ‘Lots of opportunities to develop yourself through the various positions available (Head Girl)’ – Neha Shah

    Students are proud of their school and relish the many opportunities that they have to make a positive contribution. Sixth Form students, for example, have roles, such as being House, Charity and Sports Captains.

    Ofsted 2013

    5. Careers Advice and Guidance

    All Sixth Form students have access to a Careers advisory team, who deliver one to one impartial advice and guidance or group sessions. They assist in developing careers management skills and support students making an informed choice for the future.

    6. Induction Programme

    All students attend inductions days. For external students, there is a bespoke induction programme.

    ‘Being an external student I didn’t know anyone and HUS has been so welcoming. Within days I had settled in with a group of friends and all my courses. Now I still feel as happy with my choice to come to HUS as I did back in September.’ – Charlie Butler

    7. Sixth Form Studies

     Our programmes in Year 12 and 13 are developed to guarantee that all students are appropriately equipped for their journey through Sixth Form and into life beyond. Students receive an hour presentation and an hour workshop per fortnight, delivered by staff and guest speakers. The Year 12 programme supports students to develop advanced level study and revision skills, as well as equipping them with the tools and understanding to take responsibility for their learning and move forward effectively through the year. In addition, the programme covers key health, emotional, safety and well-being issues, providing students with a deeper understanding of these areas and developing strategies to tackle them. As they move towards the second half of the year, the programme focuses on next steps planning and post Sixth Form options. In Year 13, the programme continues with next steps advice and guidance. Higher education and other credible alternatives are covered, so that students are well-informed to make their progression decision and appropriately supported with all aspects of their applications. The programme also includes the development and understanding of key life skills for use in the ‘real world’, as well as a continuation of health and well-being education.


    “The sixth form team are really helpful in helping you decide which option is best for you for your future. They're brilliant at giving guidance on university applications, which gave myself and other students the best possible chance of getting into our chosen Universities” -   Rachel Boyle


    8. Post 18 Options and Oxbridge

    Students who want to apply to University, will be fully supported through our extensive UCAS process, including the application and personal statements. There is a high performing gifted and talented programme for those with competitive applications for Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. Students are also encouraged to research and apply for alternative options, such as school leaver programmes and apprenticeships.

    9. Facilities

    There is a designated Sixth Form area, which includes an ICT suite, silent study room, common room and café. Students also use our library, where there is access to laptops, i pads and literature. Some subject areas also have specific areas available for Sixth Formers to use.

    ‘Good facilities available and a good support team’

    10. Transport

    Harlington is easily accessible by road and rail. Students come to school via car, bus, train, motorcycle, bicycle or foot. We are a 10 minute walk from Harlington train station. The school buses are run by Central Bedfordshire Transport Team who can be contacted on 0300 300 8133. Bus passes must be applied for termly and shown at all times. There is no daily payment so passes must be bought in advance. There are privately run buses from Luton, Houghton Regis and Shefford.