Welcome to Harlington Upper School Library

    The library was extended and refurbished in 2013/14 and is a fantastic open space just off 'The Street', with seating for 80 students.  There is an additional room that serves as a fully functioning classroom which is frequently used by a range of subjects and encourages students to see the library at the heart of the school and offers ready access to the library facilities.

    The library opening hours are designed to support all students regardless of their age and we hope these reflect this.  It is open Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - 3.30pm and opening hours are extended upon request closer to the exams.  We recognise in this day and age that technology is a necessity and we therefore have 40 laptops and 10 ipads, all of which connect quickly to the internet.  Furthermore, students can currently print at no cost and photocopying is also available.  6th form students are the predominant users and we apply the expectations of a university library so as to help their transition and allow for a quiet, meaningful working environment.  However, the library is open to all and many students in years 9 - 11 use the library before school, during their breaks, with their class teacher and sometimes just as a quiet zone at lunchtime.

    To make the library appeal to all, we have a large selection of resources available, including fiction and non-fiction books and dvds.  The fiction section has books for all interests and reading abilities to encourage reading for pleasure.  Our objective is to provide students with encouragement and assistance for their academic studies and we frequently support examination age students.  We aim to fulfil requests for resources and reading material.

    Our library management system is 'Eclipse'.  This can be accessed by clicking the link below.

    Eclipse is internet based and can be accessed from home as well as in school. The catalogue can be used to search for books.  

    The library will continue to evolve and develop as students' needs are met.  Students had a large input into the refurbishment and any further requests and suggestions are happily received.

    You can contact me: Mrs J Wignall email jwignall@harlington.org.

    Opening Hours:

    Mon - Thurs  8.00am - 4.00pm
    Fri                 8.00am - 3.30pm